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Astro's adventure continue -pt2
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4 months ago

Astro's adventures continue in the realm known as RiftMC. They observe closer at these so called humans. They appear to be communicating between each other. Astro can't make head or tail of what they are saying! What is this way of speaking?? They seem to be deep in conversation and suddenly run off. 

Astro follows closely behind while still deciding to try stay out of sight. The humans run to a place with an abundant of large red and white plant things? Astro makes out the word "shrooms" from the humans' conversation and decides that's what they are called! These shrooms were way taller than Astro and were huge! 

As Astro was looking around, they bumped into one of these shrooms and it made a loud creaking noise. Astro squeaked and tried to hide behind it but was far too large for the tiny stem. The humans turned to look at Astro. Oh no they've seen Astro!

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AltijdJoey Senior Mod
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4 months ago

Oh oh What will happen next with Astro??


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