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Meet the Community!!
AltijdJoey Senior Mod
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2 months ago

Welcome to my forum topic 'Meet the Community', where i will be taking the time to get to know the players that make up our wonderful Riftmc community.

Join us as we dive into the experiences, challenges, and memorable moments of some of our fellow players.


Together, we'll gain insight into what makes our community so unique and special, and perhaps even discover new friendships along the way. So, without further ado, let's meet our first player!

IGN: _Spheal_

Age: 23


Question #1

What type of player are you? Do you prefer to gather and build, explore the world or engage in combat?

I prefer peace, I like to farm and make potato farm, or sometimes just depending on my mood I will engage in combat and raid other people bases.


Question #2

Have you met anyone on this server who has become a friend or someone you enjoy playing with?

Like on rift before or after reawakening?

Before it I did make some friends played for a few months then stopped playing with them, and have talked quite a lot in the new EarthSMP with others making friends by helping them.


Question #3

Have you played Minecraft for long? What motivated you to start playing this game?

I've been playing Minecraft for years now I mainly play it now to help others and just interact with the community.


Question #4

What do you admire most about the Minecraft community on Rift?

What I really like is the community and others helping each other, and helping to resolve issues specially the staff team.


Question #5

What do you think sets this server apart from others that you've played on?

I think what sets it apart is the variety in the server with cosmetics and all the options you have when playing on this server.



Thank you for tuning in to our interview with one of the amazing players in our Riftmc community.

We hope you enjoyed getting to know our player on a personal level and learning what makes our community so unique and vibrant.

Don't forget to check back for more interviews and events that bring us even closer together as a community.

Remember, we are all here to have fun and make unforgettable memories. See you next time!



                                               Age » 22
Location » The Netherlands (GMT+1)
"Don't run away from challenges, run over them."
sqwkz Executive
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2 months ago


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MythricHD Executive
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2 months ago

Thanks for the insight on _Spheal_, a valued community member!

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