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The Reawaking (March 18th)
6 minute read

Greetings RiftMC,

It gives me great pleasure to announce the long-awaited reawakening of our network. Our team has been diligently working for several months, leaving no stone unturned, to bring about a revolutionary change in every aspect of the network. Our unwavering commitment to providing quality experiences that leave a lasting impression has been the driving force behind our endeavors. Today, we are proud to present our latest release - EarthSMP, which is not just your average survival gamemode, but a unique and thrilling experience like no other. We have infused our version of EarthSMP with an array of custom jobs, skills, enchantments, and quests that are sure to keep you engaged for hours on end. Our goal was to create a world that caters to a diverse range of gaming preferences and interests. In addition, we wanted to incorporate an optional semi-competitive PvP atmosphere that fosters a sense of camaraderie and excitement. Our latest offering includes land wars, where players can engage in battles to assert their dominance and climb to the top of the leaderboard.

🧑🏽‍💼Custom Jobs

Our sophisticated jobs system is designed to enhance your gaming experience like never before. By utilizing this feature, you will have the ability to level up your job and earn passive income as you complete basic tasks in-game. Our jobs system boasts of 10 distinct job options, with the promise of more being added in the near future, to cater to the diverse interests of our esteemed players. Each job is tailored to provide varying levels of money and unique perks as you progress through its ranks. As you gain experience and level up your job, you will unlock new abilities and rewards that will aid you in your gameplay. Moreover, this system has been crafted to encourage players to engage in teamwork and collaboration with other players. Our ultimate aim is to create an immersive and engaging environment where players can enjoy a sense of achievement, progression, and purpose. The jobs system is an integral part of this vision and we believe it will add an element of excitement and depth to your gameplay.

🛡 Custom Skills

We take immense pride in introducing our highly innovative custom skills feature that elevates your gaming experience to unprecedented levels. With this system, players have the unique opportunity to hone their skills and unlock a wide array of rewards and abilities as they progress through various skill levels. Each skill level achieved comes with its own set of benefits, including additional stat points, such as strength, defense, critical chance, and many more. These stat points augment the player's abilities and can be crucial in advancing through challenging gameplay scenarios. Furthermore, our custom skills system offers players the chance to unlock special abilities unique to each skill. With options such as Serrated Strikes, Bountiful Harvest, and many more, players have access to a range of exclusive abilities that can be used to gain an edge in the game. Our ultimate goal with this system is to provide players with a dynamic and engaging experience that rewards dedication and skill development. Whether you are a seasoned gamer or a novice, our custom skills feature has something for everyone, and we believe it will revolutionize your gameplay.

Custom Enchantments

We are thrilled to introduce our highly advanced custom enchantments feature that is sure to elevate your gameplay to unprecedented heights. With 67 unique enchantments available for all of your tools, our custom enchantments system is the perfect way to enhance your gaming experience. Our enchantments include some of the most sought-after and unique options available. From Shulker Harvest, which increases the drop amount of shulkers, to Thor, which allows you to SMITE your opponents, or the Feather Step enchantment allowing you to walk across your crops without worrying about breaking them, providing added convenience and ease of gameplay. One of the most significant advantages of our custom enchantments system is that it is incredibly easy to understand and use. Our intuitive user interface makes it simple to navigate through the different enchantment options and apply them to your tools.

Billy the Blacksmith

With the advent of our innovative custom enchants feature, we have introduced a new level of complexity to our gaming platform, requiring advanced repair techniques that go beyond the norm. To help our valued players with this, we have brought in Billy, a highly experienced repair expert, who can help with all your repair needs. Billy's expertise extends to repairing tools, armor, and even anvils, ensuring that you can continue to make the most of your customized items without the hassle of complicated repairs. However, we would like to remind our players that Billy's services do come at a cost, so it is advisable to use him sparingly. Our team understands that custom enchants can be complicated to manage, and repair issues can be frustrating, which is why we have gone the extra mile to provide a reliable and skilled repair expert like Billy. With his help, our players can continue to enjoy the benefits of our custom enchants feature without any undue stress or anxiety.

🔍 Quests

As we continue to push the boundaries of innovation and introduce advanced features to our gaming platform, we understand the importance of incorporating familiar elements that players have come to love and appreciate. This is precisely why we have developed our own quest system that offers players an opportunity to earn easy cash while completing basic quests. Our quest system has been designed to cater to all levels of players, from beginners to advanced gamers, providing a smooth and rewarding experience for all. With a diverse range of quests available, players can choose to complete the quests that best align with their interests and gameplay style. In addition to providing a means to earn easy cash, our quest system also serves as an excellent way to explore the vast world of our gaming platform, uncovering hidden treasures, secrets, and challenges along the way. Furthermore, we are committed to regularly expanding upon our quests system in upcoming updates, offering players even more exciting and engaging quests to complete. 

Our gaming platform boasts a plethora of advanced features that we are excited to introduce to our players. While it is impossible to cover all of them in just one post, we would like to highlight some of the most significant features that we believe will enhance your gaming experience. One of our most notable features is the Auction House, which provides a platform for players to buy and sell items with ease, creating a vibrant and dynamic player-driven economy. We also have a balanced server shop that ensures fairness and equality among players, regardless of their skill level or experience. Additionally, we offer daily rewards to our players, incentivizing them to log in regularly and stay engaged with the platform. Our custom leveled mobs system provides a unique and challenging gameplay experience, while our chat games add an element of fun and excitement to the overall experience. We also offer player shops and player warps, providing players with the ability to create and customize their own shops and warps, further enhancing the community-driven aspect of our gaming platform. Our trading systems enable players to exchange items and resources with each other, promoting teamwork and collaboration. Furthermore, our voting rewards are fantastic, providing our players with unique and valuable rewards for taking the time to vote and support the platform. Finally, we have made all of our ranks and keys obtainable in-game via RiftCoins, ensuring that all players have the opportunity to progress and unlock advanced features.


📌 We are inviting everyone to join us on our Reawaking release on March 18th at 2pm EST checkout the time table there.  We will be hosting giveaways and giving our crate keys during our release!



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